Organic Coffee


We proudly use Org certified organic coffee

Espresso   $3.5

Macchiato, piccolo   $3.8

Cappuccino, latte, flat white, Long black   Reg $4 | Lrg $5

9 spice fresh organic chai w honey   Reg $4.8 | Lrg $5.5

Organic Macha latte  Reg $4.8 | Lrg $5.5

Golden Tumeric latte  Reg $4.8 | Lrg $5.5

Mocha made with Kali chocolate  Reg $5 | Lrg $5.8

Kali hot chocolate
made w a premium gluten free 33% cocoa natural and dairy free   Reg $4.5 | Lrg $5.3

Almond, soy, rice or coconut milk, decaf or double shot add 50c


Fresh Chai Tea
an organic blend of honey, black tea and aromatic spices

English breakfast
a smooth flavorsome blend of high grown organic BOP Ceylon

Earl grey
The bergamot is distinct without dominating the wonderful character of high grown Ceylon

Irish breakfast
A strong blend of fine grade black tea from the Dimbula tea growing region of Sri Lanka

Lemongrass & ginger
A classic blend of premium organic ginger from Nikapotha estate and lemongrass from Stonyfield estate

Chamomile herbal tisane
Caffeine free chamomile flowers are known to bring calm during stressful periods or at the end of a busy day

French Irish breakfast
A smooth and aromatic blend of organic Ceylon and organic vanilla

Peppermint herbal tisane
A classic herb appreciated as a digestive and pick me up

Gunpowder green tea
An extra special green tea plucked during Uva's wet season

Liquorice, peppermint & fennel herbal tisane
A classic blend that serves well as a digestive

Relaxing herbs tisane
A harmonious blend of organic lemongrass, rose hips, lavender, rose petals, red clover and chamomile

Rooibos herbal tisane
A sweet, aromatic and slightly fruity herb from South Africa, blended with Iramusu, an Indian herb commonly known as sarsaparilla. This tisane is antioxidant rich and caffeine free


Cold drip organic coffee  $7.5
served w beloka sparkling water

Iced latte brewed fresh using Org coffee  $5.5

Iced green tea latte  $6
served over ice

Chai chiller  $6
Chai powder blended with ice and milk

Milkshake   $6.5
Chocolate or strawberry made w coconut ice cream

Iced coffee or chocolate   $7.5
organic coffee or chocolate w your choice of milk
and choice of coconut ice cream or vanilla

Kombucha assorted flavours   $5

Parker’s organic soft drinks and iced teas   $4.5
Cola, lemonade, ginger beer, lemon lime & bitters

Whole coconut water   $5.5

Beloka pure Australian alps sparkling 500ml   $5.5