All Day Breakfast

Smoked Ocean Trout and Cucumber Fritters

2 slices of organic toast

White, wholemeal, multi grain or rye sourdough, soy & linseed, gluten free served with butter


2 slices of Sonoma fruit, walnut & raisin toast


Cashew butter or almond butter - $2
Homemade Jam - $2

Almond nut crunch granola

Almonds, coconut chips, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sliced almonds


choose from:
almond milk, soymilk, regular or skim milk and Coconut or low fat yoghurt

Fresh seasonal fruit salad (v vg df gf)


choose from: coconut or low fat yoghurt

Acai bowl (v vg df p gf)

Organic acai, blueberries and fresh banana w almond milk

add organic granola $3

Spiced banana pancakes

banana, coconut yoghurt, chai seeds maple syrup, candied pumpkin seeds, homemade redcurrant jam

add organic bacon   $6

Smoked ocean trout and zucchini fritters (df gf)

dill, gherkin and egg salad, avocado salsa, alfalfa, tahini, sourdough


Morning Bruschetta (df gf vg)

Poached organic eggs, avocado salsa, truss tomato and basil on toasted sourdough or gluten free

add organic bacon   $6

Organic free range bacon & egg sandwich (df gf)

Organic sunny side egg, free range bacon and homemade tomato relish


Choose from:
white, wholemeal, multi grain or rye sourdough, soy & linseed or gluten free

2 Organic eggs - poached, fried, or scrambled (df gf vg)

w toasted organic sourdough, white, wholemeal, rye, grain, soy and linseed or gluten free


Breakfast Sides

Homemade baked beans in a tomato relish or sautéed spinach  $4
Fresh ricotta or oven roast tomato w oregano  $4
Avocado salsa or marinated roast mushrooms in olive oil  $5
Tasmanian smoked salmon or smoked ocean trout  $6
Free range bacon  $7

Open Omelettes

Mushroom, spinach, asparagus cherry tomato (vg df gf)  $17
Pumpkin, goat’s feta, roasted beetroot (vg gf)  $17
Fresh buffalo mozzarella w truss tomato and basil pesto (vg gf)  $18 Organic free range smoked ham, smoked cheddar, kale (gf)  $19

with your choice of organic toast:
Choice of sourdough white, wholemeal, rye, soy & linseed or gluten free