Natural Grocer

Fresh Produce

At Inlakesh Living Foods our organic retail grocer is a complete store for your everyday living. Our range extends from fresh local organic fruit and vegetables, both local and international organic grocery, artisan breads, organic and free range meats and dairy.

Whether it’s locally grown kale, sustainably caught fish, ethically treated organic free range meat, superfoods to pantry staples Inlakesh Living Foods provides our customers with a one stop shop for all your health and wellness needs.

Personal Health and Beauty Products

Our natural hygiene section has an extensive range of daily personal health care, organic soaps, toothpastes, natural make up and beauty products. Free from toxic chemicals.


We also provide a range of natural baby needs, formulas, and healthy kids snacks.

Our passion in clean and organic lifestyle drives us to source the latest organic products available in Australia.